A Promise To You


Whenever I think of the man I’ve watched you become
I feel overwhelmed with admiration and pride
You have given me the strength to love you completely
And from you I never feel I should hide
You touch every part of my soul with your love
Letting me know I’ll always belong by your side
You’ve become such an important part of my life
I can’t imagine never having met you that day
I promise to appreciate you with all that I have
And I will follow you in every way
I’ll never make you feel left behind or alone
In my heart you will always be home
I hope that you know I’ll never go anywhere
With all the love to you that I have shown
When I lay down next to you or away from you at night
There are words that I will forever say
Corey I’ll serve you, respect you, honor and cherish you,
Loving you with everything I have everyday
It’s difficult being so far from you now
While I know it’s in God’s plan somehow
The thought that keeps me going is simple and sweet
I’ll remember until it is time […]
One day I know we won’t have to say goodbye
Only snuggles and sweet kisses goodnight ©


I See You Everywhere


In my morning coffee

I can almost taste your kisses

On my drive to work

You’re in every song on the radio

Every smile that meets my lips

Has you written all over it

When I steal a moment to myself

All I think about is being in your arms

You are everywhere it seems

And I realized that even though

We have to say goodbye

It’s never really goodbye […]

Because you’re always with me ©

The Importance Of A Bat Cave


This morning I awoke to the telling white light shining through my window, indicating the reflection of freshly fallen snow. Hello world. And thank you for another day. How beautiful it is to look out the window to an untouched blanket of white, shining under the brilliance of the sun. Due to the weather, I was called out of work, and have been spending my time drinking strong cuban coffee and reading, stopping only to think and to write. It has been a remarkable winter, and a very educational year for me so far. I remember years ago when I lived in the wilderness for two months and almost forgot how beautiful the snow was. After spending many a night freezing beneath a tent, made with a simple blue tarp and some twine, huddled in a sleeping bag manufactured for summer weather at the mercy of wind and the direction it decided to blow, I wanted nothing to do with snow. I learned many lessons during that time, and it has given me a lot to reflect upon today. I recall one night there was a snow storm, and it was so cold that I truly believed I would lose my toes. I couldn’t even imagine making it until the next morning. After that experience, I learned alternative ways of setting up my tent and staying warm. The best way to stave off the wind and weather is to build a bat cave; a 5 point tent with a small opening at the front, and the back tied to trees very close to the ground. The only downside was the snow would build up by morning, and you would wake to a wet sleeping bag if the snow was heavy enough. I also learned to be the best bow driller in my group. I could bust a fire and blow it into flames in less than a minute. Another lesson I learned was to take a Nalgene bottle, fill it with water and place it near the fire. You could put this at your feet during the night and it would hold off the freezing temperatures for a few hours. My greatest lesson was that even though I spent  that one evening with a blizzard blowing through my tent, threatening to tear it down and making my sleeping bag so wet I thought surely I would get hypothermia, I adapted promptly and survived. I came to love the weather and bask in the glory of the daily snow falls. I have begun to apply this experience to my life, remembering that even though it can get so bad that you can’t fathom making it another day; if you become resourceful and learn to survive even the most bitter and coldest blizzards, you can survive anything. This is what I believe makes true success.

Wind Does Not Put Out Fire, It Makes It Stronger


Fierce. Unstoppable. A force to be reckoned with. These are the words I feel describe me and my life right now, and I couldn’t feel any more blessed or honored to be living this life I call my own. What a treasure to wake up to a new day, and a new chance to get it right and make a change every single time the sun rises. How amazing is that?! It’s impossible to make a list of everything I could be thankful for, because I would never be able to stop writing. I didn’t always feel this way about my life, but for quite a while now I have felt unmistakably powerful and positive about who I am, even if I still haven’t quite figured out what to do with myself to contribute to the world. I do believe that I am headed in the direction of discovery, and I am so much more excited about the journey than the destination. I believe that I have been given an undeniable purpose, and when I am ready, I will know what that is. At this moment I truly don’t think I could be any happier, even if you were to ring my doorbell and hand me a million dollars. And you can quote me on that 😉

No Time, Only You


Imagine me holding your heart gently in my hands

Protecting it from harm, just as I would my own

Seeking you out for your soft, tender touch

You control me with the mere tip of your finger

That honest look in your eyes

When the world is silent…

Completely mesmerizing me

I can be still when I’m with you

Nothing moving except your chest

Sweetly rising from your breath

That is the place I find myself

No matter how far I lose my direction

Your lips, they bring me back to life

In my mind you linger, never leaving me alone

When you sit down and imagine me

With your heart in my hands

Just know you’ve had mine all along ©

Soul On Fire


Sharing stories

Trading tales

Exchanging intimate secrets

Careful not to miss a single beat

This map is new and uncharted,

Yet familiar like two hearts linked

In this space and time continuum

Here we are

Here we stand […]

It starts to rain

Unsure of what to do

We run for shelter

Seeking in vain

Pausing just for a moment

At once our eyes meet

Locking on one another

Electricity surges between

It’s a chilling intoxication

How can something so unknown

Be mysteriously mesmerizing


I somehow feel like I’ve known you

My feelings I’m disguising

You’re the essence of the fantasy

It seems like I’m uncovering

Emanating a powerful energy

Illuminating what I’m discovering […]

The night must come to an end

We find an umbrella for two

You wrap your arm around my waist

And I hold tightly to you ©

In Case You Forget


When you stumble into turmoil,

Sharply stubbing your toe

Experiencing raw agony […]

Remember it is all

A part of this life.

We cannot enjoy the pleasures

Without succumbing to the pains

I pray that you’ll stay strong

On the darkest of your days

Take comfort in knowing

That this too shall pass

As long as you are willing

To see another dawn

The beauty in the sunrise

Will help you carry on

Take gentle care my love

See it through each moment

You will once again

Forget about your troubles

And soon you’ll come to realize

That you’ve found your sweet smile

It was never lost in the first place

It’s just been hiding for a while ©