lionnnWith every hurdle you’ve encountered,
How are you still tripping over stones
Weighed down by trivial bullshit
Meant to distract and torment yet
Not big enough to stop you {…}
The Universe
Heard your roar
It was magnificent
How can you so easily forget
The beautiful beast within you
Look in the mirror,
Not at the smile lines
Or at those sought after imperfections
But at the enchanting soul
Behind those brown eyes
Darker than the past you hide behind
Deeper than the well you climb
Let it take over
You’ve lived amongst this noise
Thousands of years now
So remember that you already
Know how to be mighty ©


The Well


The room is blurry as I try to see

How to pull myself out {…}

Out of this hole

Deep, empty, desolate

I climb near the top but slip

On the edges

Back down again

Here I am

Tangled in webs of secrets and despair

Something is glowing far away, but when I run

My feet stop working

I climb on my side

As a snake, slithering

I don’t even know how to slither

The faster I try to run,

The slower my body moves

And the brightness dims

Frightened by every shadow,

Was it even there to begin with?

The light knows it doesn’t belong here!

Please don’t go {…}

Come back

If you leave I’ll stop climbing

I need you to show me the way

If the fire that lights the path never gets brighter

And I never climb higher

Then the darkness is where I’ll stay ©


Your Happiness Is My Occupation


To find the words to sing

That speak of my love for you

Would be like discovering a needle amongst straw […]

Instead, I’d like to show you;

With my actions,

My time,

And my life

Dedicating myself to you for eternity;

I’d love nothing more than to praise you with my eyes,

Please you with my touch,

And cherish you with my kisses

Leaving my words as secondary,

Surrendering to you my soul,

Honoring you with my heart,

And blessing you with my body

You’ll never have to ask

Or want for anything,

For I am yours and yours alone

To have and to hold and to love … forever ©

Birds Were Made To Fly, I To Love


If my life consists of doing nothing but all I can to make you happy,

I will be the most joyful

If I could spend every minute of every day

Pleasing you,

Honoring you,

Cherishing you,

Spoiling you,

You’d not find a single moment filled with anything other than pure delight

And you’d never long for more

I want to make it my life mission to do these things for you

Every waking moment I can

I want to live for you and your happiness

The smile in your beautiful eyes is more than enough for me to never need anything in return

Other than your love

For that I would do everything to keep […]

Until the day that I stop breathing

And I wait for you on the other side ©

I Surrender To You


You walked into my life, and I’m forever changed

Enchanted by your sacred eyes,

Trembling from your tender touch,

How do you speak comfort to my deepest fears,

Without saying a word?

You give me everything I’d ever want

Melting away my reservations,

Like an ice cube in mid July

I feel as though I can stand before you,

Completely naked and unafraid;

Knowing you’ll protect and cherish my love

The intimacy we share is unmatched,

A blazing fire that could never burn out

And you hold the keys

To all of me […]

I pray you’ll always keep them near your heart ©

A Promise To You


Whenever I think of the man I’ve watched you become
I feel overwhelmed with admiration and pride
You have given me the strength to love you completely
And from you I never feel I should hide
You touch every part of my soul with your love
Letting me know I’ll always belong by your side
You’ve become such an important part of my life
I can’t imagine never having met you that day
I promise to appreciate you with all that I have
And I will follow you in every way
I’ll never make you feel left behind or alone
In my heart you will always be home
I hope that you know I’ll never go anywhere
With all the love to you that I have shown
When I lay down next to you or away from you at night
There are words that I will forever say
Corey I’ll serve you, respect you, honor and cherish you,
Loving you with everything I have everyday
It’s difficult being so far from you now
While I know it’s in God’s plan somehow
The thought that keeps me going is simple and sweet
I’ll remember until it is time […]
One day I know we won’t have to say goodbye
Only snuggles and sweet kisses goodnight ©

No Matter Where You Are


When you hold my hand you hold my heart

I hope that you’ll always handle it with care

Somehow I believe you will

There’s something in the look you give me […]

When your lips say nothing

That tells me you’ll always cherish it

Sometimes I close my eyes when I look at you

Because I know they say everything I’m feeling

And it’s almost too much to handle […]

Saying goodbye hurts my heart

But I keep you with me always

So that even when we’re apart

I can feel your arms around me

And that brings me nothing but smiles ©