The Importance Of A Bat Cave


This morning I awoke to the telling white light shining through my window, indicating the reflection of freshly fallen snow. Hello world. And thank you for another day. How beautiful it is to look out the window to an untouched blanket of white, shining under the brilliance of the sun. Due to the weather, I was called out of work, and have been spending my time drinking strong cuban coffee and reading, stopping only to think and to write. It has been a remarkable winter, and a very educational year for me so far. I remember years ago when I lived in the wilderness for two months and almost forgot how beautiful the snow was. After spending many a night freezing beneath a tent, made with a simple blue tarp and some twine, huddled in a sleeping bag manufactured for summer weather at the mercy of wind and the direction it decided to blow, I wanted nothing to do with snow. I learned many lessons during that time, and it has given me a lot to reflect upon today. I recall one night there was a snow storm, and it was so cold that I truly believed I would lose my toes. I couldn’t even imagine making it until the next morning. After that experience, I learned alternative ways of setting up my tent and staying warm. The best way to stave off the wind and weather is to build a bat cave; a 5 point tent with a small opening at the front, and the back tied to trees very close to the ground. The only downside was the snow would build up by morning, and you would wake to a wet sleeping bag if the snow was heavy enough. I also learned to be the best bow driller in my group. I could bust a fire and blow it into flames in less than a minute. Another lesson I learned was to take a Nalgene bottle, fill it with water and place it near the fire. You could put this at your feet during the night and it would hold off the freezing temperatures for a few hours. My greatest lesson was that even though I spent  that one evening with a blizzard blowing through my tent, threatening to tear it down and making my sleeping bag so wet I thought surely I would get hypothermia, I adapted promptly and survived. I came to love the weather and bask in the glory of the daily snow falls. I have begun to apply this experience to my life, remembering that even though it can get so bad that you can’t fathom making it another day; if you become resourceful and learn to survive even the most bitter and coldest blizzards, you can survive anything. This is what I believe makes true success.


5 Ways to Become Passionate About Life


The List:

1. Be Appreciative
Wake up every single morning and say thank you for the wonder of being able to live another day. You are alive and that means that every day is an opportunity to achieve greatness. Leave the worries and stress of yesterday behind and remember to always live in the moment. Be alive for the present and remember that life is exactly what you make it.

2. Look In The Mirror At Your Beauty Instead Of Your Flaws

When is the last time you looked at yourself and didn’t criticize or critique something? We have been conditioned to hate our bodies and expect perfection in our image and that is just plain unreasonable. Love your flaws and be thankful that they are yours. Look past the things you wish you could change and accept yourself just the way you are. It is healthy to want to be a better you, but not if it means putting down what you have. Accept yourself completely first, then work on being a better you.

3. Eat Healthy Foods

Let me emphasize: Eat healthy foods. Put down the processed junk and spend a little more time on the nourishment that enters your body every. single. day. Your body truly is a temple and if you fill it with junk what do you think is going to happen? Eat organic foods that make you feel good and give you natural energy instead of chugging the toxic energy drinks. If you eat the proper diet and drink enough water, you won’t need energy supplements or medicine. Food is the greatest medicine of all and when you begin to care about what you eat instead of tossing back any old junk food, you will notice a HUGE difference in your body, mood, and energy.

4. Get Active And Exercise Outside

Exercise is SO important I can’t even emphasis it enough. Walk if you have to. Just get out there and move. I know that everyone wants to be in the gym taking “gym selfies” but make sure to get outside for some of those calorie burning sessions. Take a walk around the block so you can absorb some vital vitamin D. People don’t realize how important this essential nutrient is and even though we can get it from a canister, it is WAY better to soak in some au natural sunlight while getting your heart rate up. Trust me, this is a passionate subject of mine. DO IT.

5. Find your Passion

Figure out what it is (besides your 9-5) that makes you tick. What do you actually like doing that makes you happy? Once you find that one thing that really makes you excited about life, invest more of your time into it. There is nothing sadder than the person who goes to work, drinks their gallon of coffee, takes an hour lunch, heads back to the grind, gets off, and heads home to watch TV or drink, followed by bed (repeat). I. Would. Go. Insane if this were my routine. I HAVE gone insane before when this WAS my routine. Get out of it, add something in your day that makes your happy and gives you something to look forward to other than the bottom of a glass.


Always remember to be YOU 100% authentically and love everyone 🙂