I Found Shelter In You


We sat in front of a fountain, the excitement in the air was so thick you could taste it. You talked of music and artists while I held onto your every sentence, taking in as much of you as I could get. I pondered our different tastes…but you kept me mesmerized and wanting more. Your crystal blue eyes, so deep I could swim in them, and your perfect yet genuine smile…so alluring, I held onto your words like a life jacket, needing them to stay afloat and not drown in your intoxicating intensity. With the sun slowly disappearing into the night, it was the perfect moment for a stroll, and I wanted to go to a local restaurant a few blocks away, so we were off.

As we walked and you entertained me, as if on cue, the sky suddenly began to cry…pouring on us with such immediate force we had to run for cover. I remember laughing like a child, as we found an awning to huddle under, wondering what we were to do next. We looked to each other and decided together to run from one to the next, in search of greater shelter. I hadn’t known you long, but in these moments I found myself so comfortable and filled with adventure…in a situation that would normally prove exasperating. Instead it was exhilarating and liberating, and I found you more and more attractive by the second. Running from awning to awning, up a hill in the downpour, we noticed a car garage and swiftly resolved to stop there to collect ourselves. We sprinted and made it to the garage, wringing our clothes and attempting to tame our wet hair. Abruptly, our eyes met, and I swear volts of electricity shot through us. I pictured you storming toward me and grabbing me for the most passionate kiss of my life…but we merely stared for what seemed like hours, until we broke contact and continued to dry off what we could. Words were barely spoken. I was so stirred by you and the moment I felt like it wasn’t real. How could a man I barely knew affect me and awaken me at such a stimulating and steamy pace, with such innocence? You had my attention completely, with no intention of losing it.

As lightning is a brilliant yet fleeting phenomenon, so was our moment, and we decided to stick to our plan of visiting the restaurant, since it was closer than our cars. I used my phone’s GPS, and we headed back out into the rain. My phone kept malfunctioning from the raindrops, and was leading us in circles. I could feel the frustration building, so I caught the attention of a gentleman walking and asked where the restaurant was. He pointed us in the right direction, and since we were very close, we continued on. Finally we made it and rushed inside, out of the weather, dripping everywhere and hoping to be welcomed. We were, graciously, though you were so shy and worried about our appearance. I told you it didn’t matter, and that we shouldn’t care what people think. We sat at a table drinking water while I ordered a small salad. The entire restaurant was staring at us, and to this day I believe it was due to our chemistry and not just our sopping clothes. Our conversation was small, but on the inside I was doing cartwheels after our rainy escapade. I finished my salad and you grabbed the bill, and as we got ready to leave, a waitress asked what had happened to us. I told her how we were caught unexpectedly in the rain…and then I saw someone I knew who, overhearing the exchange, kindly offered to loan us an umbrella for our inevitable, and dreaded-until-that-very-moment, return walk. It was the owner’s, and we promised to bring it back.

Emerging back into the night, you opened the umbrella for us, and handed it to me to carry, then astonishingly, you wrapped your arm around my waist. I walked as perfectly as I could, not wanting to be freed from your grasp. I felt so warm and safe, even being drenched to the bone, but your arms were and still are so protective. I remember thinking that it was the most romantic and unsurpassable date I’d ever experienced, and jokingly wondered if I was living in a movie. I still wonder that sometimes…you’re so amazing…and you take my breath away daily.

And for the record, I’ll never return that umbrella. ©


Your Happiness Is My Occupation


To find the words to sing

That speak of my love for you

Would be like discovering a needle amongst straw […]

Instead, I’d like to show you;

With my actions,

My time,

And my life

Dedicating myself to you for eternity;

I’d love nothing more than to praise you with my eyes,

Please you with my touch,

And cherish you with my kisses

Leaving my words as secondary,

Surrendering to you my soul,

Honoring you with my heart,

And blessing you with my body

You’ll never have to ask

Or want for anything,

For I am yours and yours alone

To have and to hold and to love … forever ©

No Time, Only You


Imagine me holding your heart gently in my hands

Protecting it from harm, just as I would my own

Seeking you out for your soft, tender touch

You control me with the mere tip of your finger

That honest look in your eyes

When the world is silent…

Completely mesmerizing me

I can be still when I’m with you

Nothing moving except your chest

Sweetly rising from your breath

That is the place I find myself

No matter how far I lose my direction

Your lips, they bring me back to life

In my mind you linger, never leaving me alone

When you sit down and imagine me

With your heart in my hands

Just know you’ve had mine all along ©

Soul On Fire


Sharing stories

Trading tales

Exchanging intimate secrets

Careful not to miss a single beat

This map is new and uncharted,

Yet familiar like two hearts linked

In this space and time continuum

Here we are

Here we stand […]

It starts to rain

Unsure of what to do

We run for shelter

Seeking in vain

Pausing just for a moment

At once our eyes meet

Locking on one another

Electricity surges between

It’s a chilling intoxication

How can something so unknown

Be mysteriously mesmerizing


I somehow feel like I’ve known you

My feelings I’m disguising

You’re the essence of the fantasy

It seems like I’m uncovering

Emanating a powerful energy

Illuminating what I’m discovering […]

The night must come to an end

We find an umbrella for two

You wrap your arm around my waist

And I hold tightly to you ©

Is This What It’s Like?


Warning: Words of utter endearment and extreme high levels of sappiness ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

It’s been days since we’ve seen each other… and the moment we meet again is nothing less than exquisite. Holding you, hugging you, kissing you, desperately attempting to make up for lost time. We have each other again, and that’s all that matters. Just being near you does things to every part of my heart, soul, and body that I never knew were possible. My pulse quickens, my blood heats, my skin hums and I becomes so sensitive to the lightest touch. You captivate the absolute deepest part of my soul, and leave me breathless in your mere presence. I get so lost in your eyes every time I look into them that I forget where I am, and that passing time is even relevant. Your sweet words bring me to such an intimate place, where I believe I am the only one you see…and the only one you want. You don’t even have to place your hands on me for my heart to nearly beat out of my chest, and urgent desire to pool in the depths of my belly. This…This is not something I have ever experienced before, nor did I realize truly existed. Every romance novel I’ve ever skimmed, every love movie I’ve ever watched…all demonstrated fantasies that I believed to be nothing but fairy tales. Until you. I’ve opened myself up to a new level of vulnerability, presenting all of me as a blank slate – completely willing to grow, learn, love, and experience all that you have to offer. All of my previous reservations…gone. All of my former hesitations…evaporated. All of my fears…diminished. I have nothing but trust and utter admiration for the man you are becoming. I want to make you so happy that you never even fathom experiencing doubt, disappointment, or sadness, and if it ever does occur that you feel that way, I want to take it all away with everything I possess to do so. You mean the world to me, and I want to help you achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of. I have faith in you, and in us. If I accomplish nothing further than bringing you unlimited joy, that will be more than plenty.

Until Then


It is impossible

To silence my heart

In your presence

Your touch

Gives me goosebumps

Your smile

Is inspirational

Your eyes

Like pools of sapphire

Your words

Bring me such joy

Your kisses

Make me weak

Your arms

Are so protective

I shiver

Just imagining


When we meet again ©