The Well


The room is blurry as I try to see

How to pull myself out {…}

Out of this hole

Deep, empty, desolate

I climb near the top but slip

On the edges

Back down again

Here I am

Tangled in webs of secrets and despair

Something is glowing far away, but when I run

My feet stop working

I climb on my side

As a snake, slithering

I don’t even know how to slither

The faster I try to run,

The slower my body moves

And the brightness dims

Frightened by every shadow,

Was it even there to begin with?

The light knows it doesn’t belong here!

Please don’t go {…}

Come back

If you leave I’ll stop climbing

I need you to show me the way

If the fire that lights the path never gets brighter

And I never climb higher

Then the darkness is where I’ll stay ©



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