Drip Tock


Is there a lost and found for humans?

I’ve lost myself in every sense of the word

My will, drive, determination

The very traits that made me tick

Tock the clock is ticking

Moving the hands of time closer

To my expiration date

I could restart the timer

But the batter is bad

No amount of flour and water

Could fix what I’ve become

I found myself to lose myself

Like the left sock that never returns

I don’t know why I compare

Such things {…}

How do I reach back into that

Swimming hole in my brain

The one that’s full of life and mystery

Ideas that trickle down my mind

Rehydrating my thoughts

I can taste it on the tip of my tongue

Sweet and delicious

But I can’t grab a hold

It eludes me

Like sanity escapes most

At least I recognize my insanity

The disconnect from reality I’m attached to

Like a baby to his mothers breast {…}

Sink your teeth in

Every last drop is vital

For survival ©



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