It was a day like any other…yet I knew it would prove to be magical before the night was over. You were almost offended I hadn’t let you kiss me yet; making jokes and smart comments about how I’d never kiss you…reminding me how I’d given you my cheek your first attempt, (how dare I not kiss such a handsome man?!). Well, I knew exactly what I was doing, or at least thought I did, and I couldn’t help but find humor in you being so bent out of shape about it. I didn’t know why, but I felt we needed to wait until the  right perfect moment..I wanted it to be special, because I knew that you were different, and a kiss wasn’t just a kiss. You were awful persistent, and although you weren’t a morning person (and still aren’t), you had invited me to meet you for an early coffee before I had to go to work. We went to the White Hart, a place that was quickly becoming a popular place for us to rendezvous, and I remember you were barely awake. It was the cutest thing, and if I recall correctly, you didn’t even get yourself a cup of coffee, just me (you planned to go back to sleep after escorting me to work, how sweet). It was a short date, but I loved every minute of it; your sleepy eyes and close-to-grumpy-demeanor were so endearing, and I found myself in those days loving the time I spent with you more and more. Funny, because here we are a year later, and I still love every second I spend with you.

Before our coffee date ended, we planned to see each other later that evening. I evaded your kiss once again before departing, and left you standing outside so I could go to work. Oh, the torment. I recall you texted me during my shift, acting all bruised and disgruntled that I’d once again thwarted your lip-locking plan. I myself had a plan, and your huffy, yet adorable attempts at guilting me just weren’t going to work. It was very difficult to not kiss you though, believe me, I liked you so much, and our rain date had proved that we had immense chemistry and attraction. I was simply waiting for the moment, and I believe subconsciously, you were too.

At work I thought of nothing but you, all through the ins and outs of my day, between conversations with coworkers and were the only thing I could focus on. Suddenly, I knew I was going to kiss you that night, I could somehow feel it. You had proven to be a gentleman, and I couldn’t help the feelings that were growing for you inside of me. I didn’t know when or how exactly it would happen, the kiss, but I knew it would.

We texted through the day, and I let you know when I was close to getting off of work. I had to go home and get ready for our date; I wore capri jeans, and a black floral blouse with cut off sleeves that was almost see-through (not quite), but very classy and simple, and blue and white Keds. I didn’t wear a drop of makeup other than lip gloss, but with my sun kissed skin and slightly rosy cheeks, I didn’t need it. I felt beautiful and safe in your presence, and I loved that I didn’t feel the need to be so fussy over my attire. I had never been more attracted to anyone in my entire life, yet I felt more comfortable and at ease than I believed attainable.

We met later in the evening, and had decided to go to the same restaurant where we had our first date. This time we sat at the bar, and the atmosphere felt totally different. The bartender was very pleasant, she took our order, and your food happened to arrive first. I told you to go ahead and eat, and you said you would wait for me. I knew you were starving, so I insisted that you eat, and you agreed. Before you began, you asked me if you could just eat the way you normally would if I weren’t around. Perplexed, and intrigued, I told you to go right ahead…I loved that you seemed worried about what I thought of your eating habits (even telling me you may not talk to me for five minutes, Ha!), and I was excited to see how you really ate..especially with you being such a big and muscular man. Immediately I knew I had made the right choice because I loved watching you eat. You had no hesitations and were so passionate about your food. That spoke more about you than you were perhaps aware. My dinner came, but I almost didn’t care because of the enjoyment provided from observing you devour yours. After, I had coffee and you paid the bill. I had convinced you to go on a walk with me, and with the night falling upon us we needed to get moving.

We pulled into the parking lot of my favorite trail. I had spent many an afternoon running and hiking this trail, and I was thrilled to share it with you. Strangely enough, I had not a single reservation about being on a long path with you at night, and I now understand why. …My soul already knew yours… We walked into the night, talking and laughing and forgetting time and the world existed. After about three quarters of a mile, we came to a little deck with a bench, where you could look over at the trees and the stream, and see all the stars that were brightly shining that night. It was a sight to behold. I felt like a little girl, so excited I was sharing this special place with you, and so enamored by the idea of kissing you or being held by you. The stars in my eyes may have been brighter than those in the sky.

As we looked into the night, and talked about silly nothings, laughing as if we had know one another our whole lives…I wondered when the moment would come…I remember realizing how much you already meant to me, and wanting so badly to be closer to you. A moment of silence came, and we both looked to the sky, in different directions. You suddenly exclaimed you had seen a shooting star, and I turned to look, asking if you made a wish. You told me you had, and I insisted you tell me what it was. “But if I tell you it won’t come true.”, you said. ” How do you know that?”, I responded, knowing somehow you had wished for the same thing I was thinking…. After a few seconds of you thinking about it, you told me you had wished for us to kiss, but you were standing so far away. “Well you have to come closer.”, I coyly told you. “How do I know you won’t turn me down again?” you asked, and I told you that you’d just have to find out. I guess it was worth the risk, because you walked up to me, and leaned down to passionately kiss me, with such a fire, that what lasted for only seconds seemed like hours. I was taken aback, and your hunger almost knocked the air out of me, in the best way. A few moments passed, heat filling the air, and I moved away from you to sit on the railing of the deck, with my legs hanging off…beckoning you with my body language to follow. You did, and I shyly informed you that it was a little aggressive, our first kiss. After some time, you moved in again, yet this time met my lips with the sweetest fervor, not too passionate, but slow and soft and gentle. My insides began to quiver, this time I saw the shooting stars…every notion I had about you being someone special was given validation in that moment, with that kiss. I was completely moonstruck and breathless; my body felt things I didn’t know you could feel, in places I didn’t know felt pleasure. It was the most beautiful silence, and I loved falling into you. After we took a second to breathe, we just wrapped our arms around each other in the warmest embrace, for so long it felt like time stood still. I asked you how you knew to kiss me like that the second time, and you made me burst out laughing with, “I just needed to reassess the situation.” I was quickly discovering your effortless ability to bring me endless amounts of joy, and that night, I knew I would keep you. 

We began to walk back down the trail. You made a joke about seeing some sort of ghost in the night, and since I’m afraid of everything, I became nervous and insisted on holding your hand the whole walk back, as you cunningly planned, of course. I walked very close to you, grasping you arm and breathing in your smell…feeling very calm and content in just the closeness of our proximity.

I replayed our kiss in my mind over and over and over again, and still do from time to time. You have all the hold in the world over me, but in a way that isn’t confining or threatening. You are simply the one whom my soul loves completely, and I knew that…long before that magical night of our first kiss.


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