No Matter Where You Are


When you hold my hand you hold my heart

I hope that you’ll always handle it with care

Somehow I believe you will

There’s something in the look you give me […]

When your lips say nothing

That tells me you’ll always cherish it

Sometimes I close my eyes when I look at you

Because I know they say everything I’m feeling

And it’s almost too much to handle […]

Saying goodbye hurts my heart

But I keep you with me always

So that even when we’re apart

I can feel your arms around me

And that brings me nothing but smiles ©


I See You Everywhere


In my morning coffee

I can almost taste your kisses

On my drive to work

You’re in every song on the radio

Every smile that meets my lips

Has you written all over it

When I steal a moment to myself

All I think about is being in your arms

You are everywhere it seems

And I realized that even though

We have to say goodbye

It’s never really goodbye […]

Because you’re always with me ©