We Met In A Movie


It’s mid July and the summer sun is blazing. She packs her bike into her car and heads downtown to get ready for work. She’s serving tables on the patio and knows it’s going to be hot, but a good time. The night starts off with a consistent pace, and quickly turns into a busy evening at the downtown bistro. 9,10, 12 tables at once but she doesn’t miss a beat. It’s one of those evenings where everything just seems to flow. There almost isn’t time to think, until she finds a spare moment in the kitchen to take a breath. A tray of food comes up in the window, and unwilling to lose her groove, she picks it up and reads the ticket to run it to the expecting table. Off she goes, and when she reaches the table, she swiftly delivers the food asking if anyone needs something while she’s there. Ready to walk away, one of the guests tells her his buddy wants to ask her out on a date.

……Wait what?….

She halfway believes this is some kind of joke, but slows her brain down for a moment to consider the bizarre request, even if just for the entertainment. She turns to the man who is supposedly interested in her time, and asks where he would take her. He’s quite attractive, with crystal blue eyes. Immediately she realizes he’s the quiet type. He stumbles over his words, in the most adorable fashion, trying to come up with date ideas. At this point she’s truly unsure whether it’s a joke or a real request, but she continues to stand there, somehow very intrigued by this guy and his reserved mannerisms…and those eyes. He thinks of a few places, and she reveals that she only eats fish. He looks perplexed, and unsure of what to suggest. Realizing how long she’s been standing there, she tells him to think it over and she’ll come back.


Back outside to her tables. What a silly encounter, she thinks. She laughs out loud and tells herself it’s not even real, they must be pulling her leg. But for some reason she continues to think about him while she’s tending to her multiple tables. His eyes were so beautiful, and he was so shy. Deciding impulsively she had to come up with some way to get him out of his shell, she walked to the host stand at the front of the restaurant, and pulled out her book to write down her number. She never does this kind of thing…but there’s just something about him…

Her heart starts to beat a little faster, this really isn’t like her at all. She walks back to the table and asks him if he’s thought of anything, for their date. He nervously names off Red Lobster, and Logan’s Steakhouse, stating that they have seafood. She smiles, he’s just so adorable. Deciding to go for it, while nodding and listening she pulls her book out, rips off the piece of paper she scribbled her name and number on and hands it to him, saying, “Here’s my number, why don’t you figure something out and give me a call”. He agrees and takes it, offering his hand with confidence, “My name’s Corey, it’s nice to meet you”. She walks away, smiling…a little broader and walking with a little more pep.



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