Soul On Fire


Sharing stories

Trading tales

Exchanging intimate secrets

Careful not to miss a single beat

This map is new and uncharted,

Yet familiar like two hearts linked

In this space and time continuum

Here we are

Here we stand […]

It starts to rain

Unsure of what to do

We run for shelter

Seeking in vain

Pausing just for a moment

At once our eyes meet

Locking on one another

Electricity surges between

It’s a chilling intoxication

How can something so unknown

Be mysteriously mesmerizing


I somehow feel like I’ve known you

My feelings I’m disguising

You’re the essence of the fantasy

It seems like I’m uncovering

Emanating a powerful energy

Illuminating what I’m discovering […]

The night must come to an end

We find an umbrella for two

You wrap your arm around my waist

And I hold tightly to you ©


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