Is This What It’s Like?


Warning: Words of utter endearment and extreme high levels of sappiness ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

It’s been days since we’ve seen each other… and the moment we meet again is nothing less than exquisite. Holding you, hugging you, kissing you, desperately attempting to make up for lost time. We have each other again, and that’s all that matters. Just being near you does things to every part of my heart, soul, and body that I never knew were possible. My pulse quickens, my blood heats, my skin hums and I becomes so sensitive to the lightest touch. You captivate the absolute deepest part of my soul, and leave me breathless in your mere presence. I get so lost in your eyes every time I look into them that I forget where I am, and that passing time is even relevant. Your sweet words bring me to such an intimate place, where I believe I am the only one you see…and the only one you want. You don’t even have to place your hands on me for my heart to nearly beat out of my chest, and urgent desire to pool in the depths of my belly. This…This is not something I have ever experienced before, nor did I realize truly existed. Every romance novel I’ve ever skimmed, every love movie I’ve ever watched…all demonstrated fantasies that I believed to be nothing but fairy tales. Until you. I’ve opened myself up to a new level of vulnerability, presenting all of me as a blank slate – completely willing to grow, learn, love, and experience all that you have to offer. All of my previous reservations…gone. All of my former hesitations…evaporated. All of my fears…diminished. I have nothing but trust and utter admiration for the man you are becoming. I want to make you so happy that you never even fathom experiencing doubt, disappointment, or sadness, and if it ever does occur that you feel that way, I want to take it all away with everything I possess to do so. You mean the world to me, and I want to help you achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of. I have faith in you, and in us. If I accomplish nothing further than bringing you unlimited joy, that will be more than plenty.


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