Sing To The Sky


The potential for greatness is so overwhelming intimidating, hovering closer than a shadow yet proving to be as elusive as the wind. It beckons me, whispering the promises of everything and nothing all at once for it cannot decide on what I view as success. My thoughts thicken as the hours tick, so I am tempted to depart my own head for notions of sleep …still here I am… for the night is young and sleep is for those with thoughts no deeper than their pockets. Or is it? Crystal clear awareness is elusive and knowledge is intangible. Why do I bear the burden of such tiresome thoughts, or is it a blessing to be a mind wanderer like me? Roaming through fields of sea green and plains of gold, flying a kite high above the clouds…drifting through worlds as if I own, them yet shying from truth for fear of discovery. Why me? Have you caught yourself walking alone through the dark catacombs of yesterday only emerging, startled, to realize how detached the past really is? What a relief that yesterday is gone and tomorrow is a possibility. And really today is the greatest day of them all. If only I could write myself a letter every night to be delivered every new dawn to tell myself of the unimaginable promise of today, and to remind myself of its unfathomable beauty. Perplexed am I that I understand the importance of present moment living but still I dwell on thoughts that are of the past and the future. Well here I am now. Available and existing. Appreciating the life pulsing through me and acknowledging my insignificance to it all. In the universe I am but a mere flicker of light, brilliant enough to shine if for only a moment. It is the time to connect to the grand rhythm of being and coexist with creation. Become one with the river and flow to the ends of the world and back. Touch the clouds. Smell the trees. Taste the earth. Be.  ©


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