Poems And Such


As a writer, it seems that perfection is something to always aspire towards yet something never achievable. I reread my work over and over again until it no longer feels as though it even belongs to me. And yet there is nothing more satisfying that temporarily taking a deep breath and being content with one’s work, if only for the moment. With that being said, I went over some of my recent poems and made a few slight changes, leaving myself with that faintly sweet feeling of gratification. If you follow my blog, or even if you are new, and would like to leave your thoughts I would greatly appreciate it. The poems I have altered thus far are as follows: Hermoso Conocerte, Raining In The Dance, and Understanding The Nature. These were written with the inspiration of a gentle soul, new to my life, and I hold them very dear to my heart. Until next time 🙂


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