Mask The Fold


Pierce my heart

Let my dreams pour out

Take them

I’m not using them anyway

My soul bleeds

For the time I’ve lost

They tell me I’ll have it all someday

Who are you to dictate my reverie

Simple minded fools

Getting in my space

I love them all

Yet I’ll die for none

My internal struggle for sanity

Has only just begun

You want to come and try

To walk to this beat?

Attach yourself to my hip

Hop along, you’ll see

To think you’ve seen hatred

I’d call you naive

Lay your head back down sweetheart

Goodnight, and sweet dreams ©



Cotton Candy Clouds


I can’t get enough of this addiction of mine

Writing my words and sharing my time

Shouting them to the world, tossing fear to the wind

Praying down on my knees “Lord forgive me, I’ve sinned”

It’s insanity at best, cold hard delusion at worst

Reincarnation save me, I believe I am cursed

When you look through the window that leads to my soul

Please remember I’ve quite simply lost all control

Think back to this time when my words touched your heart

If you consider you and I aren’t so different, we won’t seem far apart ©


***Note: Musings of a writer. No religion was harmed in the making of this poem.

Soul On Fire


Sharing stories

Trading tales

Exchanging intimate secrets

Careful not to miss a single beat

This map is new and uncharted,

Yet familiar like two hearts linked

In this space and time continuum

Here we are

Here we stand […]

It starts to rain

Unsure of what to do

We run for shelter

Seeking in vain

Pausing just for a moment

At once our eyes meet

Locking on one another

Electricity surges between

It’s a chilling intoxication

How can something so unknown

Be mysteriously mesmerizing


I somehow feel like I’ve known you

My feelings I’m disguising

You’re the essence of the fantasy

It seems like I’m uncovering

Emanating a powerful energy

Illuminating what I’m discovering […]

The night must come to an end

We find an umbrella for two

You wrap your arm around my waist

And I hold tightly to you ©

We Made A Wish


Standing under the night sky

Insecure in our unfamiliarity

Breathing and dreaming […]

Excited by opportunity

You looked to me for assurance

I hadn’t found it in myself

But you had me enchanted

Wondering what I’d miss

If I didn’t take the chance

To toss aside my inhibitions

And share in our first kiss


It was like exploding fireworks

Going off in my brain

Awakening my senses

Driving me insane

You knew the effect you had on me

Of course you didn’t mind

Yet shared in my excitement

Proving you’re worth my time

I can’t wait to know you better

And walk this road together

As long as you’re always good to me

For you I will stay true

In every single way,

Forever ©

In Case You Forget


When you stumble into turmoil,

Sharply stubbing your toe

Experiencing raw agony […]

Remember it is all

A part of this life.

We cannot enjoy the pleasures

Without succumbing to the pains

I pray that you’ll stay strong

On the darkest of your days

Take comfort in knowing

That this too shall pass

As long as you are willing

To see another dawn

The beauty in the sunrise

Will help you carry on

Take gentle care my love

See it through each moment

You will once again

Forget about your troubles

And soon you’ll come to realize

That you’ve found your sweet smile

It was never lost in the first place

It’s just been hiding for a while ©




How can we learn

To live more joyously?

Laughing like children

Singing like birds

Dancing like butterflies

If you open your mind

To the possibilities

Of living in innocence

Could you fall with the rain

Into meadows of harmony

Come with me […]

To a world separate from our own

And feel nothing but existence

Permeating your soul

Breathe in your surroundings

Take yourself on a stroll

Through your own heart

Silencing your mind

Stay amongst the simple

Be humble

Be still

Be kind ©

Is This What It’s Like?


Warning: Words of utter endearment and extreme high levels of sappiness ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

It’s been days since we’ve seen each other… and the moment we meet again is nothing less than exquisite. Holding you, hugging you, kissing you, desperately attempting to make up for lost time. We have each other again, and that’s all that matters. Just being near you does things to every part of my heart, soul, and body that I never knew were possible. My pulse quickens, my blood heats, my skin hums and I becomes so sensitive to the lightest touch. You captivate the absolute deepest part of my soul, and leave me breathless in your mere presence. I get so lost in your eyes every time I look into them that I forget where I am, and that passing time is even relevant. Your sweet words bring me to such an intimate place, where I believe I am the only one you see…and the only one you want. You don’t even have to place your hands on me for my heart to nearly beat out of my chest, and urgent desire to pool in the depths of my belly. This…This is not something I have ever experienced before, nor did I realize truly existed. Every romance novel I’ve ever skimmed, every love movie I’ve ever watched…all demonstrated fantasies that I believed to be nothing but fairy tales. Until you. I’ve opened myself up to a new level of vulnerability, presenting all of me as a blank slate – completely willing to grow, learn, love, and experience all that you have to offer. All of my previous reservations…gone. All of my former hesitations…evaporated. All of my fears…diminished. I have nothing but trust and utter admiration for the man you are becoming. I want to make you so happy that you never even fathom experiencing doubt, disappointment, or sadness, and if it ever does occur that you feel that way, I want to take it all away with everything I possess to do so. You mean the world to me, and I want to help you achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of. I have faith in you, and in us. If I accomplish nothing further than bringing you unlimited joy, that will be more than plenty.