Understanding The Nature


This poem was written late one rainy night a couple of weeks ago:

How am I supposed to catch myself,

When you’re trying to make me fall?

I try to hold my composure,

Yet you’re breaking down my walls

I’ve been in this dance before

It’s never turned out well

I find myself inebriated,

Enchanted by your spell

How can I keep you at a distance?

When you seem so very nimble

I can’t turn the clock backwards now,

My attempts would be so feeble

I’d like to try my hand at this,

I could become a connoisseur

This language I’m deciphering

Bequeaths me craving more

Somehow I have no fear

How do you do this to me?

My purpose has become so clear

I’ll coyly let you come this way…

Approach me with sincere care,

It’s up to you to go or stay ©


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