One Single Step


Last night I wrote about loving myself despite the storm raging in my heart. Today I want to talk about something I realized amidst my words. I’ve been so concerned with accepting my feelings and wading through the dark waters of pain that I forgot how much I have that others don’t. I was reminded late last night that I am so incredibly blessed in so many other ways than love that I mustn’t solely focus on my failure in that arena. I must move forward with a new set of chords and give back to everyone that I come in contact with. I trust that I am nothing if I cannot help others. It’s been brought to my attention that I need to allow enough love into my heart to love others with all of the compassion that I possess. Whether it be taking a neighbor cookies, buying coffee for the person behind me, picking up a stranger’s tab at a restaurant without letting them know, or giving someone my undivided attention when they need it; I have resolved to go above and beyond for others to show everyone I meet that all the world needs is a little love. I cannot take credit for these ideas alone, for they came to me with such potent certainty and spontaneity that I can only assume that a higher power touched my shoulders and whispered these words to me. I often find myself feeling unworthy of much because of how little I feel that I contribute to humanity, and I want to change that. There are people out there who have nothing and still give every last penny they have for the benefit of those in need and they are heroes. Our heroes of today are not in the White House, but out in the streets giving their last piece of bread to their child or their last dollar to someone hungrier than they. These mortals are the parts of humanity that the powers that be want to hide in rags of disgust because it shows how great we truly are as a race and that even the poorest of the poor can lend a helping hand to others. Yet the ones with all of the money in the world don’t want to be that way for they are overcome with greed, and so they must shun those that put them to shame. I may not have all of the money in the world, but I am culpable of being selfish about money and thinking of only myself for too long. The guilt! It brings tears to my eyes to write this because I finally believe I understand why the homeless man smiles and the handicapped woman sings. They have nothing of materialism yet their souls are painted with the finest gold. They have forgotten the machine that is greed and climbing the never ending ladder – they are faced with eyes wide open to see the world for what it is and they love it anyway. I pray that the knowledge I have received does not become wasted on another soul, but is used for the welfare of the beating heart of humanity. My only other desire is to be held accountable by my own convictions. ยฉ

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. -Dalai Lama


5 thoughts on “One Single Step

  1. Aul

    Great post! Once again, I think it’s awesome that you’ve resolved to be more generous. I think this quote from Fulton Sheen might give you some insight into generosity too: “Never measure your generosity by what you give, but rather by what you have left.”

  2. Reading your post I can see that there’s much turmoil beneath your surface. But I’m glad that you feel impelled to channel your forces for good instead of allowing bitterness to win out. Perhaps you can try to convince yourself that even if you are not aware of the positive consequences that your acts of kindness generate, this doesn’t mean they don’t matter or go unobserved by all–especially on the part of those on the receiving end. This too shall pass…

  3. You know you are allowed to write a ‘bad’ post from time to time! :)))
    Absolutely amazing, and you wrote what I feel. Great quote at the end as well. Hope you find peace within your turmoil and realize that is ok to love yourself. Thank you for sharing your heart.

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