Manifesto of the Free


Have you ever danced with a bee,

Given hugs to a tree,

Serenaded the night

Whilst down on one knee?

Have you ran to be free,

Thrown cares to the sea

And neglected your chores

‘Cause you’re lost in daydreams?

Do you wish you could be

Just as happy as me

Does it suit your monotonous,

Yet tedious scheme?

Give in to childlike whims

Whatever that means

Be one with the wind

And go live your fantasies ©

**Always remember to love everyone 🙂


5 thoughts on “Manifesto of the Free

  1. Aul

    I like how well the words fall out and how you seem to know what you’re writing.
    However, I can’t say that the words agree with what you say at the end. Living your fantasies, and giving in to childlike whims, may not really be loving other people. Often we have fun at other people’s expense, and if that’s our fantasies, then I wouldn’t say that’s loving everyone. I mean, if your fantasies are good, then it’s fine, but if they’re not….well, you seem to contradict yourself by saying to love everyone shortly afterwards.

    • Thank you! Loving everyone is not part of the poem, I just try to remind others and myself to do that daily 🙂 I do believe that should be a fantasy for everyone, however. The world would be so much more beautiful 😉

      • Aul

        Yeah, if loving everyone was a fantasy, the world would be more beautiful 🙂 Just be careful with what you’re saying, that’s all. The power of words, right?
        And Neptune’s knickers…LoL 🙂

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