Go ahead and {try}


Go ahead and {try} to weasel your way inside of my head. If I were an exterminator you’d already be dead. ©

This is how I feel about people when they try to manipulate or control me. This world is full of wolves in sheep’s clothing who will try and take advantage of you when you are a kind and giving person. Be sure to keep your guard up when your instincts tell you to and never let anyone attempt to change you. If you meet someone that strives to achieve dominance over you, run. If you feel that you have someone in your life right now who meets this description, do your research, talk to someone, and get away as quickly as possible.

I still believe in loving everyone, but some are best loved from a safe distance.


3 thoughts on “Go ahead and {try}

  1. Keith Taylor

    I think it is good to point out that detachment is the key to all forms of love. You cannot truly love unless you are truly detached( I know this doesn’t make sense in words, but I think its the way things actually are). The crazy thing is that when you are “loving” someone without this sense of detachment then you are not actually loving them in a true sense. You are merely playing out a form to feed your own ego, and this is a contradiction. Sometimes you must pull away in order to see a person in their real sense, not in the illusion of your own motives and fears.

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