The rebirth of the mind
comes when we least expect it
On a day when nothing makes sense
and everything that once mattered
has been burned down to ashes
And new life can arise
Like a {Phoenix}
Emerging from the darkest place
Shimmering with the brilliance of diamonds
Disposed for a reinvigorated existence
Above all that was once troublesome
The distance greater than Aconcagua
How far we have come to look down
On past memories that have disintegrated
Into the dirt of the earth
Yet there will be new flowers;
They are already blooming.


5 thoughts on “Rebirth

  1. Keith Taylor

    Alan WAtts- “Divine inspiration is to feel, for reasons that you can’t really understand, that you love people. Divine inspiration is a wisdom which is very difficult to put into words… mystical experience, that’s divine inspiration. and a person who writes out of that experience could be said to be divinely inspired.”

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