Book Store Escapades


Have you ever had the pleasure of sitting in a bookstore for so long that you lose track of time? You’ve escaped into a completely different world and even the people perusing the shelves nearby can’t distract you from your whimsical cloud of day dreams. Yesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing this bliss and I am so elated that I did. It was exactly what I needed to take a reprieve from the rest of the world and reset my mind and spirit. I felt a new sense of self and creativity and my batteries now feel fully recharged. The smells of the bookstore made my experience even more magical, with the turn of a page I would suddenly catch the faint aroma of a fresh banana bread muffin paired with a Chai latte. I would just smile to myself and continue reading, imagining that I may adventure to the café myself for a taste. I am sharing this experience because it felt like such a suitable place to pitch a tent and reside while making a career of reading and blogging amongst the shelves and their book tenants, and I could probably live off of banana muffins and Chai tea if I wanted to. What a world we live in where it is possible to experience such a divine escape, even if only for a short while. I mentally thanked the chair for being so warm and welcoming and I praised the barista for her beguiling craft. I even learned that in her spare time she bakes and is very passionate about creating warm and mouth watering desserts. I hope that one day she shares her creations with the book store wanderers, or perhaps just me. 😉 But for now I am content with the gift I was so blessed to receive during my time there: relaxation, inner peace, and creative expression.

Enjoy this beautiful day, and always remember to love everyone.


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