Writing With Conviction


Sometime writing can be so challenging. What to write about, where to begin, which direction to go in, how controversial to be, etc. It can be a real trial some days to come up with something worth writing about. How do you get past that? Well, sometimes you can dive into a good book for a little while for a glimpse of inspiration, or take a walk outside and look to nature for stimulation. What if that still doesn’t provide any sound influence? Do you just give up and hope that tomorrow will prove to be the day that your pen starts flowing and your fingers start dancing? Not a chance. Writing is a challenge but it is all mental. We don’t even use our entire brain at one time so there is always something there waiting that you can tap into to create excitement and creativity. You may just have to dig a little deeper. I have given myself the task of writing at least one post a day so that I can use as much of my creative juices as possible, and strive for a deeper and stronger understanding of my writing. I understand that I will not become a poet or author overnight, but I am also aware that if I don’t sink my teeth into this journey completely I will only have myself to blame when I fall short of greatness. I say these things in the quest to inspire myself and connect with my inner writer but to also offer myself as a muse to anyone who will listen. Be a part of this mind tonic that I am producing and take it amongst yourselves to achieve even more. We are all worthy and brilliant adversaries just itching to be heard and only until we push ourselves to the point of mental exhaustion can we become majestic story weavers. ยฉ

Love yourself, your writing, your impressive journey, and always remember to love everyone ๐Ÿ™‚


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