A Prescription for Happiness


Love yourself. Be creative. Seek the beauty in nature and in art. Appreciate your surroundings. Never ask for permission to express yourself. Be bold. Say things that others won’t and believe in things that others are too afraid of. Let music be exciting. Dance when no one is looking. Sing to the birds in the trees and toss away the fear of being heard. Pick flowers. Hula hoop. Stop caring what any of them may say. Stay away from people who try to cast a shadow on your aura. If you find yourself in an intimate relationship with someone who doesn’t appreciate every single beauty and flaw that you possess, run away as fast as you can. Collect leaves in the fall. Take the time to go outside and admire a butterfly. Throw away your makeup. Decorate yourself with childlike wonder instead. Let your hair fall down to your waist. Free fall into yourself and enjoy the rush. Have a conversation with a stranger and leave them with a gift, whether it be your knowledge or your company or something you created. Be in love with life and all that it has to offer. Stay innocent. Be extraordinary. Seek humility daily. Cherish every single moment and live in the present. Be gracious for your past, but always remember it is your past. Love everyone. Be brave. {Shimmer}. And never forget to breathe. ©

My inspiration for today.


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