I used to be the girl…


I used to be the girl that took 4 hours to get ready, changing 100 times and applying 50 coats of mascara. I used to be the girl that cared more about what was in her closet than in her brain. I used to be the girl that turned her nose up to the idea of simplicity and happiness, but rather chased vanity and complexity. I used to be her, because I didn’t realize how absolutely beautiful it is to go on a nature walk instead of sitting in a nail salon, and how enchanting a good book can be versus an all day shopping trip. I am glad to have been that girl, because it taught me how much I wanted and needed to be the woman I am becoming. I am grateful to have learned that there is so much more to life and me than the way that I look and what society tells me I am limited to being. ©

This means so very much to me because I have found a freedom that I never thought to be possible or plausible. The freedom of waking up in the morning and walking out the door without losing 2 hours of time spent on insane vanity. The freedom of not wondering what the stranger on the street thinks about my hair or the outfit I chose. This is a freedom that many people are never able to achieve, and I am blown away with appreciation for shedding this incredible weight. I think that if everyone were to take time out of their day to think about how long they spend on tasks of vanity, (at first these things may seem like essentials, but over time you will start to get the picture) and then begin to eliminate certain things little by little, they would find that they have much more time for themselves and for the world around them. Little by little your priorities will begin to change, and where you once spent 30 minutes on your eyelashes, that 30 minutes may now be dedicated to writing or reading a new book about something educational or inspiring. Men, this is for you too. Where you once spent 2 hours and 45 minutes at the gym followed by #gymselfies, you may now actually have time to pick up that guitar and learn a few cords. I believe that our society has become so obsessed with our outer appearances that there is a true lack of upcoming talent. We are the only ones that can change this and make sure that we are a generation of geniuses with an inspirational talent to offer the world and not a generation of Jersey Shore wannabes. This is our world, our planet. Let us be the generation to make a difference and give back to humanity and not to the vanity industry.


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