Putting The Clutch In Neutral


In Greek Mythology, Procrustes was a man with a magical “one size fits all” bed. He had a house on the edge of the road, similar to a bed and breakfast, where he would invite travelers in for a meal and a night’s stay in his mystical bed. What he did not inform his guests, was that he quite literally made them fit into his bed by either stretching them by their limbs on a rack if they were too small…or cutting their appendages off if they were too tall. It is also interesting to note that the name Procrustes actually means “the stretcher”, or “he who stretches”. Eventually Procrustes met his inevitably ghastly demise by a patron who indeed fit Procrustes into his own bed. Karma, eh?

Nowadays, a Procrustean bed is an arbitrary standard to which precise conformity is forced. In other words, a stipulation of indisputable adherence to the mold required. This kind of regulation terrifies me and I write about it to state, without a shadow of a doubt, that I will not be yielding to any type of structure when it comes to my writing. I believe that writing should be more about the ebb and flow and journey itself instead of the destination and reaching some type of unrealistic goal. Don’t get me wrong, goals are wonderful. But I would much rather just write my heart out until I am so full of happiness that my soul smiles instead of shoving myself into a metaphorical literary box (toss out the key) attempting to write for NY Times or something of equal caliber. I hope that I never get lost in the madness that is conventionality and that I constantly strive to be extraordinary and unforgettable. For to be successful inside of a cage is not true success at all but a facade of all things humanly desired, delusive to the eye and tempting to the outsider but deleterious to the person caught in the web of emptiness. The spider sits by idly biding his time before feeding on the remaining hopes and oringinality deteriorating inside of the mind. ©


Smiles All Around, Liebster Award Nomination!!


My humble appreciation goes out to Chelle, creator of http://beingchelle.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/liebster-award. Her blog is very thoughtful and she is a wonderful writer. I love how positive she is and how interactive with the blogging community she makes an obvious effort to be.


“The Liebster award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their blog a little and also bring together a community of bloggers. The rules of the competition are as follows:

The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them. Provide 11 facts about yourself Answer 11 question set by the person who nominated you Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions!


11 Facts about myself:

1. I grew up on a beautiful farm in a town that is so small it still has no traffic lights. Stop signs and horse and buggies are the norm.

2. When I first moved into the city, I had no idea what a mall was.

3. I have been a vegetarian for a little over a year now; and while I made the decision initially because of the animal treatment research I had done, my reason for sticking with it I would have to attribute to my amazing health and lack of sickness.

4. I go without wearing makeup on a daily basis. At first I felt extremely naked and vulnerable but now I love it. Occasionally I do long for my concealer when I don’t get enough sleep, but coffee always works wonders!

5. I learned the art of ice climbing in Colorado and snowboarding in Utah, and if I could make a career out of these endeavors I would already be on the West Coast.

6. I have always wanted to take a road trip in a camper to California. If and when I do I may never return.

7. I am allergic to pecans and walnuts but not peanuts, macadamia nuts, almonds or pistachios. Not really sure what happened with that…

8. I found that I love the rain so much I refuse to carry an umbrella with me anymore. It is so exhilarating!

9. I love making body scrubs. I make 5-10 jars at a time and have thought about selling them but I just have never followed through. I use brown sugar, coconut oil and essential oils and they are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

10. I can use a bow drill and spindle to make a fire. I learned this in the wilderness and I used to be the one making all of the fires for dinner. It was pretty incredible. I still have my whole set!

11. I rescued a baby deer once when a hunter took its mother away. It lived for a few weeks and then passed away one rainy morning. I think it was unable to go on without its mom 😦


Questions From Chelle:


What’s the first thing you think about in the morning? My grandmother. She is 90 and I always want to make sure she made it through another night.

What is your favourite type of food? Mexican. I love guacamole, pico de gallo, beans, rice, tortillas…and I have had some authentic family Mexican food that was life-changing. Getting hungry now, actually 🙂

If the internet didn’t exist and you couldn’t blog, what would you be doing? Writing in my journal. Before I understood how amazing blogs were, that is what I would do!

What is your favourite memory? When I got a horse for my birthday. She was a retired show horse and just needed someone to give her a bit of attention. I learned to ride her bare back and was able to escape into a whole new world whenever I climbed on.

What are your hobbies? Writing, reading, running, cooking, loitering in bookstores hehe, listening to music and traveling.

When was the last time you tried something new? Well, starting this blog has been a new and exciting experience for me that I wasn’t quite sure of initially. I think I was anxious about sharing my writing with the world, but I am so glad that I am now that I’m here 🙂

What is happiness to you? Inner peace. Being compassionate. Smiling for no reason. Loving humanity. Loving life.

What is the meaning behind your blog name? Everything nowadays costs something, unfortunately. But thinking is and will always be free. Expressing our thoughts is the greatest gift and I am so thankful I have that ability.

Do you speak any other languages? A small amount of Spanish, but nothing that could get me through Spain without starving I’m afraid 😉

What is your favourite film? I can’t quite say that I have a favorite film. Different films move me in totally different ways. I am not much of a movie goer, but when I love a film I could watch it 10 times. I hope this is an acceptable answer, I thought on this for a while and could not come up with a particular favorite, sorry!

What was the last item you purchased? A book about writing a novel. Interestingly enough, the day I bought that novel I met an author who wrote “Apples of North America” and he told me to throw it in the trash. He said to not follow any outline on writing and to just go for it. I still have it, but I have been mulling carefully over his words since.


Nomination time! I do believe that some of you have more than 200 followers, but I am still new to this and working on reaching out to other blogs. Besides, I think you’re all just plain awesome 🙂 My nominations are:














Here are my questions!:

1. Who is your favorite author?

2. Are you a dog or a cat person?

3. If you could have one movie on a desert island, what would it be?

4. Where would your dream vacation be?

5. If you could write for any magazine in the world, which would you choose?

6. Someone hands you $1,000. What would you do with it?

7. What comes to mind when you think of homeless people?

8. If you could go back in time and meet anyone, who would you want to meet and why?

9. What is your favorite past time?

10. What kind of music do you love?

11. If you could be really incredibly amazing at just one thing, what would you choose?


Again, thank you so much Chelle for thinking of me and nominating me for this award. It means a lot. And of course, thank you to my followers also, you are all amazing!!

**Don’t forget to leave a link for me with your post of answers, questions, and nominees (if you can) in the comment section below. Can’t wait to see your answers!**

Coffee Shop Rendezvous



What a beautiful day to be alive! Last night I waited on a family of incredibly nice people who brought joy to me simply with their love for one another. This afternoon as I sit in the coffee shop, sipping my latte and writing about this award I have been humbly nominated for, a woman walks up to me and says, “Are you Sarah?” I told her yes and she immediately dived into telling me that I had waited on them last night and she remembered me and how nice I was. As we chatted, her husband and son walked up and began asking me about what I was doing here in Lynchburg, what I wanted to do and what my life plans were. I told them about my dream of being a writer and how I would love to be able to go back to school if I can afford it. Her son is a music major, and is about to graduate and go on to be a music director. How wonderful! We talked about traveling to other countries to volunteer and how beautiful this life it. Then they asked if they could pray for me. This hasn’t happened to me in such a long time I immediately said yes and felt almost undeserving of this incredible kindness. They kneeled around me and prayed for my future, my grandmother, my happiness, my success, my compassion and my spirit. I could feel the warmth and the love surrounding me as I listened and shed a tear. At the end they told me they were on their way somewhere and thanked me for being alive and walked out into the rain. I am so grateful for this amazing meeting and it was exactly what I needed. How amazing the people in this world are and how absolutely breathtaking it is so be a part of this life. The universe works in mysterious ways and it seems like I always receive exactly what I need at the right time. I am speechless and so I write.

Always remember to love everyone!!!!




The rebirth of the mind
comes when we least expect it
On a day when nothing makes sense
and everything that once mattered
has been burned down to ashes
And new life can arise
Like a {Phoenix}
Emerging from the darkest place
Shimmering with the brilliance of diamonds
Disposed for a reinvigorated existence
Above all that was once troublesome
The distance greater than Aconcagua
How far we have come to look down
On past memories that have disintegrated
Into the dirt of the earth
Yet there will be new flowers;
They are already blooming.

Book Store Escapades


Have you ever had the pleasure of sitting in a bookstore for so long that you lose track of time? You’ve escaped into a completely different world and even the people perusing the shelves nearby can’t distract you from your whimsical cloud of day dreams. Yesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing this bliss and I am so elated that I did. It was exactly what I needed to take a reprieve from the rest of the world and reset my mind and spirit. I felt a new sense of self and creativity and my batteries now feel fully recharged. The smells of the bookstore made my experience even more magical, with the turn of a page I would suddenly catch the faint aroma of a fresh banana bread muffin paired with a Chai latte. I would just smile to myself and continue reading, imagining that I may adventure to the café myself for a taste. I am sharing this experience because it felt like such a suitable place to pitch a tent and reside while making a career of reading and blogging amongst the shelves and their book tenants, and I could probably live off of banana muffins and Chai tea if I wanted to. What a world we live in where it is possible to experience such a divine escape, even if only for a short while. I mentally thanked the chair for being so warm and welcoming and I praised the barista for her beguiling craft. I even learned that in her spare time she bakes and is very passionate about creating warm and mouth watering desserts. I hope that one day she shares her creations with the book store wanderers, or perhaps just me. 😉 But for now I am content with the gift I was so blessed to receive during my time there: relaxation, inner peace, and creative expression.

Enjoy this beautiful day, and always remember to love everyone.

Writing With Conviction


Sometime writing can be so challenging. What to write about, where to begin, which direction to go in, how controversial to be, etc. It can be a real trial some days to come up with something worth writing about. How do you get past that? Well, sometimes you can dive into a good book for a little while for a glimpse of inspiration, or take a walk outside and look to nature for stimulation. What if that still doesn’t provide any sound influence? Do you just give up and hope that tomorrow will prove to be the day that your pen starts flowing and your fingers start dancing? Not a chance. Writing is a challenge but it is all mental. We don’t even use our entire brain at one time so there is always something there waiting that you can tap into to create excitement and creativity. You may just have to dig a little deeper. I have given myself the task of writing at least one post a day so that I can use as much of my creative juices as possible, and strive for a deeper and stronger understanding of my writing. I understand that I will not become a poet or author overnight, but I am also aware that if I don’t sink my teeth into this journey completely I will only have myself to blame when I fall short of greatness. I say these things in the quest to inspire myself and connect with my inner writer but to also offer myself as a muse to anyone who will listen. Be a part of this mind tonic that I am producing and take it amongst yourselves to achieve even more. We are all worthy and brilliant adversaries just itching to be heard and only until we push ourselves to the point of mental exhaustion can we become majestic story weavers. ©

Love yourself, your writing, your impressive journey, and always remember to love everyone 🙂

5 Ways to Become Passionate About Life


The List:

1. Be Appreciative
Wake up every single morning and say thank you for the wonder of being able to live another day. You are alive and that means that every day is an opportunity to achieve greatness. Leave the worries and stress of yesterday behind and remember to always live in the moment. Be alive for the present and remember that life is exactly what you make it.

2. Look In The Mirror At Your Beauty Instead Of Your Flaws

When is the last time you looked at yourself and didn’t criticize or critique something? We have been conditioned to hate our bodies and expect perfection in our image and that is just plain unreasonable. Love your flaws and be thankful that they are yours. Look past the things you wish you could change and accept yourself just the way you are. It is healthy to want to be a better you, but not if it means putting down what you have. Accept yourself completely first, then work on being a better you.

3. Eat Healthy Foods

Let me emphasize: Eat healthy foods. Put down the processed junk and spend a little more time on the nourishment that enters your body every. single. day. Your body truly is a temple and if you fill it with junk what do you think is going to happen? Eat organic foods that make you feel good and give you natural energy instead of chugging the toxic energy drinks. If you eat the proper diet and drink enough water, you won’t need energy supplements or medicine. Food is the greatest medicine of all and when you begin to care about what you eat instead of tossing back any old junk food, you will notice a HUGE difference in your body, mood, and energy.

4. Get Active And Exercise Outside

Exercise is SO important I can’t even emphasis it enough. Walk if you have to. Just get out there and move. I know that everyone wants to be in the gym taking “gym selfies” but make sure to get outside for some of those calorie burning sessions. Take a walk around the block so you can absorb some vital vitamin D. People don’t realize how important this essential nutrient is and even though we can get it from a canister, it is WAY better to soak in some au natural sunlight while getting your heart rate up. Trust me, this is a passionate subject of mine. DO IT.

5. Find your Passion

Figure out what it is (besides your 9-5) that makes you tick. What do you actually like doing that makes you happy? Once you find that one thing that really makes you excited about life, invest more of your time into it. There is nothing sadder than the person who goes to work, drinks their gallon of coffee, takes an hour lunch, heads back to the grind, gets off, and heads home to watch TV or drink, followed by bed (repeat). I. Would. Go. Insane if this were my routine. I HAVE gone insane before when this WAS my routine. Get out of it, add something in your day that makes your happy and gives you something to look forward to other than the bottom of a glass.


Always remember to be YOU 100% authentically and love everyone 🙂